Global Market Outlook for X-ray Detectors in 2028-Advantages Provided by Digital Imaging Bring Opportunities

2021-12-15 01:08:07 By : Ms. Jessie Peng

Dublin, December 14, 2021 (Global News Agency)-The "Global X-ray Detector Market 2021-2028" report has been added to's products. During the forecast period of 2021-2028, the global X-ray detector market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.34%. Factors such as the development of digital imaging technology in medical radiology, coupled with the benefits provided by digital detectors, are driving the growth of the X-ray detector market during the forecast period. In addition, the advantages provided by digital imaging and the growth of medical tourism in developing countries are opening up new avenues for the global market. However, strict regulations and the high cost of X-ray testing equipment are restricting the overall development. Regional outlook

The global X-ray detector market includes Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa regions. On a global scale, North America has the largest X-ray detector market. This strong growth is mainly due to the existence of advanced medical infrastructure and the increase in R&D investment. In addition, the growing medical imaging procedures and technological developments are affecting the adoption of X-ray detectors in various fields. In addition, the increasing threat of terrorism has increased the demand for X-ray detectors for security purposes. Therefore, all these factors are driving the growth of the X-ray detector market. Competitive prospects

The main companies in the X-ray detector market are Fujifilm Medical System, Carestream Health Inc, PerkinElmer Inc, Agfa Healthcare, Koninklijke Philips NV, Analogic Corporation, Varex Imaging Corporation, Hamamatsu Photonics KK, Konica Minolta Inc, Canon Inc, GE Healthcare, Teledyne Dalsa Inc, Comet Holding AG, Thales Group and Rayence Co Ltd. Canon Inc is a manufacturer of imaging products, engaged in the development of office multi-function equipment, copiers, scanners and SLR cameras. Its business units include imaging systems, medical systems, and industry. In addition, it also offers a broad portfolio of X-ray equipment, including sensors, image intensifiers and other X-ray inspection systems suitable for medical applications. Canon provides services to customers in Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions. Its headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. Main topics covered: 1. Global X-ray Detector Market-Summary 2. Industry Outlook 2.1. The impact of Covid-19 on the X-ray detector market 2.2. Key Insight 2.3. Porter's five forces model 2.3.1. Threats of new entrants 2.3.2. The threat of alternative products 2.3.3. Buyer's bargaining power 2.3.4. Supplier’s bargaining power 2.3.5. Competition 2.4. Industrial components 2.5. Market attractiveness index 2.6. Supplier Scorecard 2.7. Key strategy development 2.7.1. Contracts and partnerships 2.7.2. Business expansion, announcement and divestiture 2.7.3. Acquisitions and mergers 2.7.4. New product release and development 2.8. Market drivers 2.8.1. The development of digital imaging technology in medical radiology 2.8.2. Benefits provided by digital detectors 2.9. Market restrictions 2.9.1. Strict regulations and verification guidelines 2.9.2. The high cost of X-ray testing equipment 2.10. Market Opportunities 2.10.1. Advantages provided by digital imaging 2.10.2. Growth of medical tourism in developing countries 3. Global X-ray detector market-by product 3.1. Flat panel detector (FPD) 3.1.1. Panel size flat panel detector (FPD). Large area FPD Small area FPD 3.1.2. Type flat panel detector (FPD). Indirectly capture FPD Capture FPD 3.2 directly. Charge Coupled Device Detector 3.3. Computed radiography (Cr) detector 3.4. Other types 4. Global X-ray detector market-by application 4.1. Medical 4.2. Security 4.3. Industry 4.4. Dentistry 4.5. Other applications 5. Global X-ray detector market-by portability 5.1. Fixed detector 5.2. Portable Detector 6. Global X-ray Detector Market-Regional Outlook 6.1. North America 6.1.1. Market by product 6.1.1. The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by panel size The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by type 6.1.2. Market press application 6.1.3. Portability Market 6.1.4. Country analysis United States Canada 6.2. Europe 6.2.1. Market by product. The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by panel size The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by type 6.2.2. The market is applied according to 6.2.3. Portability Market 6.2.4. Country analysis Germany France United Kingdom Italy Russia Spain Rest of Europe 6.3. Asia Pacific 6.3.1. Market by product 6.3.1. The flat panel detector (FPD) market is based on panel size The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by type 6.3.2. The market is applied according to 6.3.3. Portability Market 6.3.4. Country analysis China Japan India Australia and New Zealand South Korea ASEAN countries Rest of Asia Pacific 6.4. Latin America 6.4.1. Market by product The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by panel size The flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by type 6.4.2. Market by application 6.4.3. Portability Market 6.4.4. Country analysis Brazil Mexico The rest of Latin America 6.5. The Middle East and Africa 6.5.1. Market by product Flat Panel Detector (FPD) Market by Panel Size. Flat panel detector (FPD) market segmented by type 6.5.2. Application market 6.5.3. Portability Market 6.5.4. Country analysis Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Turkey South Africa Middle East and the rest of Africa 7. Company profile 7.1. Agfa Healthcare 7.2. Analogy Company 7.3. Carestream Medical Corporation 7.4. Canon 7.5. Comet Holding Co., Ltd. 7.6. General Electric Healthcare 7.7. Hamamatsu Optoelectronics Kk 7.8. Koninklijke Philips Nv 7.9. Fujifilm Medical System 7.10. Konica Minolta 7.11. Perkinelmer 7.12. Rayence Co., Ltd. 7.13. Thales Group 7.14. Teledyne Dalsa Inc 7.15. Varex Imaging Corporation 8. Research methodology and scope For more information on this report, please visit

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Tokyo (Reuters)-Toyota Motor Corporation promised on Tuesday that it will invest 8 trillion yen (70 billion U.S. dollars) in the electrification of vehicles by 2030, half of which will be used to develop a series of pure electric vehicles (BEV) because it hopes to use A growing market for zero-emission vehicles. But as a latecomer to all-electric vehicles, the world's largest automaker said that by the end of this decade, the annual sales of pure electric vehicles will only reach 3.5 million, accounting for about one-third of its current car sales. At the same time, traditional car companies are increasingly competing with Tesla, which has become the most valuable car manufacturer this year. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda said at a press conference in Tokyo that his company is still pursuing a multi-pronged carbon reduction strategy, which also includes hybrid and hydrogen vehicles.

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Gabbino Leon was angry, and he was not alone. Farmers in the Apurímac region of southern Peru watch hundreds of copper-laden trucks passing his adobe houses every day, raising dust on a bumpy dirt road that has become a lightning rod for protests. 2 Metal producer. According to Reuters, Leon’s anger was echoed in hundreds of small villages in South America, because he said he believed that the mineral wealth at his doorstep was of little benefit, and accused mining of destroying his livelihood as a subsistence farmer. . “All of Aprimac’s wealth is before our eyes,” Leon told Reuters from his home, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from MMG’s Las Bambas mine, which began production in 2016 and supplies about 2% of the world’s copper .

According to sources, the American Petroleum Institute reported late on Tuesday evening that as of the week of December 10, US crude oil supplies had fallen by 815,000 barrels. According to reports, API also showed a weekly increase of 426,000 barrels of gasoline stocks and a decrease of 1 million barrels of distillate stocks. According to sources, crude oil inventories at the Cushing Delivery Center in Oklahoma increased by nearly 2.3 million barrels last week. The US Energy Information Administration's inventory data will be released on Wednesday. in a

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One of the contractors of the project said that the expansion project of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) in the largest Baytown petrochemical manufacturing plant in the United States has started, costing approximately US$2 billion. The company said that the Irvine, Texas-based company is adding an alpha olefin unit and a high-performance polymer unit to the complex. According to documents submitted to the Texas Comptroller’s Office, these additional units have been in use since at least 2018. Denise Burcham, director of strategic risk at ExxonMobil Chemical, said that ExxonMobil expects both divisions to start in mid-2023. Worley, an Australian-based industrial contractor responsible for engineering and procurement, is now building off-site parts of the project, including infrastructure. The company said it needed to connect the new unit to the larger complex.

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The meta universe is a vague idea, a technology that has not yet been fully defined. Its bottom line grew faster, and free cash flow soared 69% to US$7.2 billion.

(Bloomberg)-With the advent of winter in the northern hemisphere and the escalating old world energy crisis, European natural gas has never been so expensive relative to US supplies. Most articles from Bloomberg, Zero Tax, Golf, and Beach Houses Create a Crypto Island Paradise Indoor Farm Can reach the height of a skyscraper? China is building the world’s largest national park system Boris Johnson. Angry MPs fear that his next mistake may be a fatal benchmark. Dutch natural gas futures are almost $40 per million pounds.

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