Nuffield Dental Group opens the 10th most advanced dental technology clinic in Singapore

2021-12-15 01:10:16 By : Mr. Leo Chen

Innovative digital revolution in dentistry

Image source: Singapore Nuffield Dental Group

Nuffield Dental Group, a high-end dental clinic in Singapore, announced the launch of Nuffield Dental Jewel on December 10, 2020. This is their 10 branches in Singapore, located in Wheelock Place. Located at the forefront of modern and innovative dentistry in Singapore, in addition to basic dental care and treatment, the clinic will also provide innovative and quality-driven procedures, including Palo Malo’s award-winning All-on-4 dental implants, alternatives No cermet implants and occlusal analysis consultation.

Nuffield Dental Group is known for introducing Palo Malo's All-on-4 implants to the flagship dental clinic on the coast of Singapore. The facility uses "metal ceramic dental implants" that can provide simple and isolated restorations to improve orthodontic health. These self-contained dental implants use carbon screws to minimize potential bacterial accumulation and the risk of infection, and are perfectly integrated with natural teeth. With this option, patients can more easily carry out home oral care without worrying about metal corrosion due to possible biological related failures. Nuffield's "Zygomatic Implant" is an alternative solution to the complications of patients with weak maxillary bone density. Specialized dental implants are fixed in the cheekbones (cheeks) instead of the maxilla, providing the patient with a new set of teeth without the need for painful bone grafts.

Nuffield Dental Jewel has combined the use of occlusal scanning analysis technology to digitally assess the patient's dental occlusion. In contrast to non-digital methods, the machine manages to identify imbalances in the patient’s occlusal and high-pressure points, providing detailed information on injuries and pain that may affect natural teeth and implants. This diagnostic tool eliminates occlusal disorders and effectively diagnoses periodontal problems, such as pressure-induced temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), bruxism, and even the feasibility of implant surgery for patients.

Nuffield Dental Jewel’s platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) technology is a holistic treatment that extracts plasma-rich platelets by centrifuging the patient’s blood and uses them after major oral surgery to promote accelerated healing of periodontal tissues and wounds regeneration. Nuffield Dental Jewel is led by award-winning dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Samintharaj Kumar, specializing in cosmetic dental surgery and dental implants. 

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