Can you use rotating tools as dental equipment or drills? Someone has done it

2021-12-15 00:54:02 By : Ms. Carmen Wen

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It starts with the user manual-you know, most people throw in the trash when they buy a new tool. This tool is a rotary drill. There is actually more than one. We pulled the manual onto the Dremel 4300 rotating tool and read it carefully. That's when we saw it: the product is not suitable for dental drills in human or veterinary medical applications. May cause serious injury. Wait, can you use rotating tools as dental equipment or drills?

Now, I happened to have a dream recently and I went out to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes: fishing. When I grabbed the big mouth one by one, my rope hung up, and I finally broke the rope on the branch. To do what I have been doing, I cut off the label end of the thread with my teeth.

This product is not suitable for dental drills in human or veterinary medical applications. May cause serious injury.

Fast forward a few hours, and I was driving when I felt this rather strange rocky object floating in my mouth. I vomited it out and found that the dream was obviously grinding my teeth, and cut off the nasal mucus from my teeth.

Like most of you, I don't like going to the dentist. This is time-consuming and uncomfortable. The appointment time often interrupts my day. (Also, when I walked in full of sawdust, the girl at the front desk stared at me with funny eyes.)

But I would never try to use a rotating tool to drill or shape my own teeth-let alone others. You shouldn't either.

A person walks into his favorite hardware store or home improvement warehouse. His mentality made him look for a rotating tool that could be used as a dental device or drill. As a tool man, he thinks he can easily use the rotating tool, the router-anyway. So he picked up the cheapest rotating tool he could find. It may be a Dremel. It can easily come from other manufacturers such as WEN, Ryobi or Chicago Electric.

Author's Note: If you believe that Dremel has the right to this warning, you will miss similar warnings from WEN and others. Many of them include or already include the same or similar languages.

After choosing the tools, he grabbed a few diamond grinding heads specially designed for ceramics and went home. After all, it makes sense to use rotating tools as dental equipment. Dentists use similar tools, right? And he can't build a deck!

It is really difficult to see the back of your teeth with your big fat hands and rotating tools in the way. Even if you have an "assistant", rotating tools can become terrible dental equipment. Most of this tool is very different from the thin pneumatic drills used by dentists. In addition, these rigs operate at speeds between 600 and 25,000 RPM.

This is just the wrong tool for the job.

If you use a rotating tool as a dental drill or device, you may end up sitting in a dentist's chair. Your bill may be higher.

If you are lucky, you may get a 60-minute, $500 appointment and an IOU to build a new back deck for the dentist.

Rotating tool dentistry. What could go wrong? everything. keep away!

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Completely did it. Of course, this is not a suitable tool for this job, but in a pinch, after spending $8,000 and countless hours to see the dentist, I decided to polish a post myself. I succeeded, and honestly, this is more worrying than going back to complain. I hate to feel lonely, I'm complaining. Even if I should do it!

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