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2021-12-15 01:03:08 By : Ms. Gloria Ji

The pandemic has changed the shopping pattern of many industries, and corporate adjustments have become more important than ever. In the past two years, shoppers have been interacting with grocery stores in new ways—restricting them to go shopping in the grocery store in person, choosing budget-friendly alternatives, and even relying on in-store vaccination services.

Wal-Mart is known for its large supermarkets, and you can walk in and find everything from affordable household goods and groceries to chain dining options. Therefore, it may not be surprising that the company does its best to adapt and continue to serve customers in an unfamiliar environment.

To redouble our efforts is to work for large retailers. According to the Consumer Report of Digital Commerce 360​​ November 2021, Walmart's online sales have skyrocketed, increasing by 87% in the past two years. Their e-commerce sector has been growing, even as the pandemic fades and consumers return to their previous levels. COVID shopping trip.

The company has taken successful steps throughout 2021, consolidating its No. 1 position in the Fortune 500 company list based on revenue. Below are the 10 most significant changes that Wal-Mart has implemented this year to meet the changing needs of consumers.

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With the surge in demand for online orders, Wal-Mart is using automated robots to help them pick up and deliver goods in new market fulfillment centers. They piloted the first location in Salem, New Hampshire, at the end of 2019, and found that they could effectively create orders in just a few minutes, while using robots and individual shoppers to ensure quality.

So far, there are other plans for fulfillment centers in Jacksonville, Florida, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Lebanon, Tennessee.

"Walmart's fulfillment center...will play an important role in our wider supply chain network, focusing on fulfilling Walmart.com orders and supporting our promised free next-day and two-day delivery," said Shi, senior vice president of Walmart America. Tiff Miller said Lebanon opened in a press release.

Holiday shopping is already very busy. Before Thanksgiving, you have a few weeks to find the perfect gift. But after? Suddenly there are a lot of things to do, but little time.

Fortunately, Wal-Mart has provided a solution to this dilemma in 2021-direct home delivery before 10pm, providing an extra time period for busy shoppers. The supermarket announced that the expanded service includes home delivery for larger items that you don’t want to haul by car, such as TVs and bicycles. For 1,500 locations, they also added alcohol as a delivery option.

So don't start the car. If you are in a pinch, you can simply shop at home and get the same discounts, and it's more convenient.

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So far, on Amazon's Prime Day, it has become an annual expectation to have great value for money and to buy all the big-ticket items. But Wal-Mart has been holding its own price-cutting activities, and this year is no exception.

The four-day "Deals for Days" campaign started on June 20, the day before Prime Membership Day, and includes online and in-store sales pricing. Customers buy electronics, toys, household goods, beauty products and fashion at discounted prices. This is not official yet, but we may see this become another annual event on our calendar.

The Capitol Uprising in Washington, DC on January 6 is a pivotal moment in 2021, and the country is still dealing with its consequences. The company opposed the violence that day, and Wal-Mart was one of them.

Previously, the supermarket provided more than US$4.5 million in large financial contributions to members of Congress in 2020, announcing that they would suspend indefinitely all political contributions to members of Congress who opposed the election results shortly after the attack.

However, according to USA TODAY reports, Walmart donated $30,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in April. Two-thirds of the members were members of the opposition party. Wal-Mart also donated US$30,000 to the National Republican Party led by Florida Senator Rickscott. The Senate Committee donated $30,000 and who also disputed the results.

This caused controversy because although the company did not directly donate to these members, the funds provided to the PAC are likely to contribute to their activities. From the perspective of Daniel Weiner, former senior legal counsel at the Federal Election Commission, he told USA Today, “I don’t think these companies donate to these groups because they support the rebellion. They donate money - and they are forced to donate money. ——For many [of] reasons, they are all related to their bottom line."

In May 2021, you might have tried to go to Walmart and found that it was temporarily closed. That's because during the ongoing pandemic, the store continued to be cautious by closing the location for deep cleaning.

Some of the locations affected include Lincoln, Illinois, Mason, Ohio, Williston, North Carolina, El Paso, Texas, and Franklin, Kentucky. These places are closed to shoppers. More than 40 hours.

People are worried about safety in the store, and the company has responded accordingly. Earlier in the pandemic, Wal-Mart conducted a similar temporary shutdown to ensure that conditions for workers and customers are safe as the new virus spreads across the country.

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The large orange vending machines in front of most Wal-Mart stores were launched in 2016, allowing customers to order goods online and pick them up quickly and conveniently in the store. But during the pandemic, shoppers are increasingly reluctant to walk into stores. Therefore, the company decided to close the 17-foot-tall orange tower at its location and transfer resources to curbside pickup.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 300 stores will be taken off the shelves and 1,300 are already "dormant."

In order to expand the products and services within the supermarket giant, Wal-Mart plans to open new health centers in thousands of locations. The vision of "Walmart Health" includes primary and emergency care, laboratory, X-ray and diagnostics, consulting, dental, optical and hearing services, as well as one-stop services to meet all your healthcare needs.

But growth in opening new locations appears to have slowed. Although Wal-Mart announced its goal of opening 22 clinics by early 2021, the chain currently has only 20 health centers in operation.

However, according to Forbes reports, they have still made great strides in providing accessible healthcare this year: expanding their services to telemedicine appointments, providing more affordable prescriptions, and launching simulated insulin to compete with the high-priced insulin of diabetic patients.

The promotion of vaccines in the United States requires a combination of multiple forces. The federal government has worked hard to minimize the threat of COVID, working with grocery chains to provide vaccines to people who have barely access to healthcare services.

According to a Reuters report in January, Wal-Mart used its network of more than 5,000 pharmacies in the United States and Puerto Rico to establish a “capacity capable of providing 10 to 13 million doses of medicine at full capacity each month”. The supermarket was providing dosages at pharmacies in 10 states, providing Pfizer and Moderna to the public.

With the development of vaccine regulations, the company continues to be a partner in the vaccine program. Once the FDA approves Pfizer for use in children aged 5 to 11 in November 2021, Walmart announced that it will launch a pediatric dose in more than 5,100 pharmacies.

You can buy almost anything at Walmart. They sell everything from engagement rings to coffins. Now, with the increase in restaurants this year, you can also find fast food from 12 different chains in different locations. Whether you want to eat Saladworks’ vegetables or Wow Bao’s pork buns, you can find them when you run a grocery store every week.

According to "Supermarket News", the news was released after parting ways with McDonald's and Subway, due to the decline in sales during the peak of the pandemic, when shoppers were cautious about in-store dining.

New restaurant partners, such as the French bakery la Madeleine, take this opportunity to showcase in front of Wal-Mart customers. In a press statement, Lionel Ladouceur, CEO of the bakery chain, said: “We look forward to making the [Dallas-Fort Worth] community more convenient to enjoy the la Madeleine experience, while introducing our French comfort food to Walmart shoppers. Looking for more diverse dining options."

According to Forbes, social media is now the main method of company marketing, and more than 70% of companies rely on it to promote customer engagement. Wal-Mart has developed a new method of integrating influence to better connect with shoppers.

This November marked the year when Wal-Mart launched a shoppingable live broadcast, using Tik Tok, Twitter and YouTube to bring viewers and their favorite social media hosts together. Shoppers can listen to their favorite Wal-Mart fashion selections when the host shows them, and buy their favorite products without leaving the platform.

The first live broadcast to shop was in December 2020, hosted by TikTok influencer Michael Le (@justmaiko), whose dance content was followed by 51.5 million users. Wal-Mart has achieved success in this format, hosting 15 live broadcasts with various celebrity guest hosts (think: Jason Derulo) in the past year. During the holidays, they plan to host more than 30 live broadcasts to provide eye-catching customers with selected products.

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer William White wrote: “We believe that the future of the retail industry lies in social commerce, which is why we focus on innovation in this area, while we continue to provide customers with a better lifestyle — whether online, Or in stores, the future of Wal-Mart’s holiday shopping is still bright."

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