AMD Lasers began shipping the world's first handheld revolutionary laser curing lamp-Monet™ laser curing lamp

2021-12-15 01:03:56 By : Ms. Ann Fung

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Salt Lake City, February 16, 2021/PRNewswire/ - AMD Lasers, Inc. (AMD) begins shipping the world's first revolutionary handheld laser dental curing light, brand name Monet™ laser curing light , Can achieve faster and more reliable dental curing.

You can find detailed functions and virtual demonstrations of Monet laser curing lights at or by calling +1-866-999-2635.

AMD Laser began shipping the world's first handheld revolutionary laser curing lamp-Monet laser curing lamp.

Light curing is an essential procedure in daily dental practice. Since its introduction in 2001, LED curing light has been widely used in dental practice. However, the LED light curing machine has certain limitations, including the beam is not collimated, the light intensity drops sharply from the light-emitting hole, and the curing efficiency is low.

AMD Lasers has been leading the development of diode laser systems in the dental field. In the past ten years, its Picasso™ diode laser has been widely used in daily dental procedures. Monet laser curing lamps are based on diode laser technology.

Monet curing lamps have been evaluated by an independent third party and have proven the above-mentioned functions and advantages.

"We invented the first LED curing light 20 years ago, which greatly benefited dentistry. We considered all the key requirements for the curing light and implemented the requirements in this new development. The Monet laser curing light solves This is a key issue in LED curing lights. This is a revolutionary change in dental treatment,” said Dr. Densen Cao, AMD President. "Monet's laser curing light will make dental treatment easier, faster and better. The Monet curing light device is manufactured in our factory in West Jordan, Utah. Our operations team has been working hard to meet customers’ demands for this revolutionary High demand for products."

About AMD Lasers, Inc. AMD Lasers, Inc. (AMD), a subsidiary of CAO Group, Inc., is the world's leading dental diode laser technology company. AMD's innovations have contributed to the wide range of applications of diode lasers in the dental field. For more detailed information, please visit  

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