Air Techniques announces new products and white paper research ahead of the Greater New York Dental Conference-American Dental Forum

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According to Air Techniques, Mojave Mobile provides the best flow performance in a compact package. The company says that powerful dry vacuum and air/water/amalgam separation are combined on a sturdy main drive shaft. The total suction performance of Mojave Mobile is greater than 12 SCFM, which can reduce and reduce the aerosol cloud, thereby reducing the spread of infection. Its pump is powerful enough to operate both the intraoral HVE and the extraoral aerosol funnel. The company stated that Mojave Mobile is an ultra-compact, removable suction device with an easy-to-clean liquid container.

In the company's recently launched Mojave Mobile product, product manager Gregory Kass said: "We have seen a product gap in the vacuum market that provides mobile spray suction with an airflow velocity of more than 10 SCFM."

Air Techniques provides large-capacity air extractors. (Photo: Air Techniques)

According to Air Techniques, the new HVE Air Protect XL and HVE Air Protect XL Plus are effective solutions to alleviate aerosols. The company stated that the 16 mm large opening of HVE Air Protect XL captures more aerosols than traditional HVE, providing more protection for employees and patients. HVE Air Protect XL Plus adopts an ergonomic design with a unique rotating protective cover, which can be easily adapted to any treatment situation. The company stated that each HVE has a protective secondary air inlet to provide the best protection against backflow in the suction system.

The Air Techniques and Dürr Dental white paper written by Dr. Martin Koch, "Reduction of Aerosols by Inhalation of Intraoral Spray-Preliminary Results of Experimental Research" can be read and downloaded on the company's website. The research covers methodology, particle emission characteristics, the influence of the inhalation system on particle reduction, the influence of the inhalation system on the suction power (flow rate), the influence of flow rate on particle reduction, and the influence of inhalation position on particle reduction, and the final discussion. (To read the study, please visit

Air Techniques is participating in the virtual 2020 Greater New York Dental Conference. The company says that a powerful product portfolio of practical systems, digital imaging, and merchandise can equip the largest universities or hospitals with minimal practices. The company stated that Air Techniques remains the leading and largest manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems in North America.

For more information about Air Techniques, please visit the company's website There are also links to the Air Techniques product page and the company’s new aerosol protection landing page:

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