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2021-12-15 01:01:55 By : Mr. tony Teng

La Jolla Dental Boutique emphasized safety and attention, and upgraded its office. Its owners and employees hope that these improvements will increase the smiles of patients.

Dr. Erez and Irene Nosrati began accepting this practice in 2018, and they are welcoming patients back after many people have left during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's great to see people start to recover and meet their oral health needs," Irene said. "We have already noticed the impact of the pandemic on oral health."

She said: “After two years of uncleaning, gum disease is very common.” In addition, the number of tooth decay has increased because “people stay at home and eat snacks and more changes have taken place in their diets.”

Irene said that at the beginning of the pandemic, the dental clinic at 525 Nautilus Street was closed for only two months, but many patients were reluctant to return until they felt it was safer.

"Dental clinics are safe," Erez said, emphasizing that La Jolla Dental Boutique has always followed health procedures and has not spread COVID-19 cases through its offices or employees.

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Irene said that as more people move to the area, this approach will see more new patients. "There are a lot of great new people nearby," she said.

As staff retired during the pandemic, the office also formed a new team.

A few months ago, Erez and Irene completed the office renovation and updated everything from equipment to countertops and floors.

"Everything is brand new," Erez said. "We have done our best to make it the most advanced facility."

"This is new energy," Irene said. "Build a community and get to know everyone."

She added: "Our goal is to be a nearby dentist, we do everything in one place. We want to meet you, we want to build a relationship."

Irene said that the clinic provides a variety of dental services, from regular cleaning and teeth whitening to complex operations.

"We have the most advanced technology," she said, noting that the office has a CT scanner and 3D imaging equipment. "All of our cosmetic dentistry is of the highest level."

These procedures are performed by general dentist Irene and periodontologist Erez, who collaborate to discuss treatment plans.

"We work together to optimize treatment," Irene said. "We do everything in one place. It's very convenient; you can get two opinions at the same time.... You know, from start to finish, how much it will cost and what will be involved, instead of going to multiple different The office and [experienced] misinformation."

Erez is also an assistant professor in the Advanced Professional Education Program of Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery at the School of Dentistry at Loma Linda University. He said that La Jolla Dental Boutique is the only office in La Jolla that provides intravenous root canal sedation.

Irene and Erez have 30 years of dental practice experience, but their practice is “not corporatized. We arrange one patient at a time; we want to give you time,” Irene said.

Erez said that the residents of Carmel Valley bought a clinic established in the 1960s from Dr. Jacob Russell after being introduced to Jacob Russell by mutual friends and wanted to leave Chicago for La Jolla. He said that most patients continue to use Nosratis.

Russell’s approach “is very much in line with our style,” Irene said. She and Erez have been committed to "making it better", focusing on "personal attention and truly high-quality aesthetic work," she said.

Erez said, "We continue to [Russell] connect with patients, but we bring more technology and more knowledge through Erez's expertise."

"We provide people with the treatment they deserve, the treatment they want," Irene said. "We love what we do."

For more information, please visit lajolladentalboutique.com.

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